The problems can manifest themselves in a variety of situations.

Portia Wants a Job: Living with a learning disability

A person with learning disabilities may be frustrated about the way a partner provides assistance by feeling stifled when too much is routinely provided, which may give rise to the perception that he or she is stupid or being treated like a child. As everyone has good and bad days, so do individuals with learning disabilities, but theirs are often much more pronounced and frequent. Their capabilities can vary widely from day to day without any predictable patterns or identifiable causes.

Friendship and Dating

Since learning disabilities often are not visible, both partners may have difficulty understanding and accepting the limitations they create. No matter who has the disability, the problems must be worked out together. It is important to distinguish between difficulties which can be overcome using strategies and accommodations and those which are not likely to change.

The following are some helpful tips that may be useful for partners who have learning disabilities:. These tips may be useful for the partner of a person who has a learning disability:.

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Socially constructed gender roles may compound the effects of learning disabilities. For instance, men have traditionally been designated as breadwinners. We all want to be loved and accepted, and people with learning disabilities are no different.

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But meeting new people, socialising and maintaining friendships can be difficult if you have trouble communicating, or getting out and about. All of our services provide opportunities to get to know others through activities in the community. From singing in a choir to volunteering at a charity shop, we make sure the people we support are able to do the things they want to do wherever possible.

Dealing with Learning Disabilities in Relationships

Luv2meetU is our award-winning friendship and dating service based in Bradford, but operated across a number of regions. We run events and outings for adults with learning disabilities so that they can have fun, make friends and maybe meet a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Activities range from ice-skating and clubbing, to speed dating and bowling — members influence the activities from week to week. If two of our members want to go on a date, we are on hand to give advice.

We can also chaperone their first meeting to help make sure everything goes smoothly.